Feature request: follow up task



I have been using Asana for some time and often have this scenario: I want to mark a task as completed and create a follow up task with the same properties (projects, assignee, etc). The easiest way to accomplish this is simply rename the task, but then you can’t track the history of tasks completion. I assume this is a common scenario for many people and it would be nice to have a shortcut for this operation in future versions.


All you have to do is choose “Copy Task…” from the menu in the task pane:

Then you can choose which properties of the task to carry over to the new copy:


@Craig_Fifer, I like that idea! Usually, when I have a follow up item, I’ll assign myself a subtask on the relevant parent Task – that way, when I click in to it, I can easily navigate to the Parent Task where all the context and information is (and remains after I complete it).

@Gankin_Grigorii, would either of those work for your workflow?


@Gankin_Grigorii There is an option to “Create Follow Up Task” as per below;

I use this a fair bit, close down and task as being done, but follow it up in a couple of weeks to make sure that everything is working okay.



@Jason_Woods That’s one I like to use too, and that option can be turned on in your Profile Settings under “Hacks” (screenshot below- the last one listed) in case anyone else wants to try using the “Create Follow-Up Task” feature.


Thanks @Kaitie forgot that it was a hack that you had to enable…



Hey this is a really good feature but the implementation can be improved.

  1. When follow up task is created, it doesn’t automatically connect to the current project and/or section, one has to do it manually. If its a follow up for project A in Section B, it should automatically go there unless user specifies otherwise shouldn’t it? Especially the project bit?

  2. The style of date entry is different from the normal calendar view style. I have to type it in which slightly more work, and when I typed 07/09/2017 it was added to 9th of July :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: My subscription in from UK and I live in London.