Feature request - Filter board by tags


I’m using two Asana boards on a daily basis. One of them is an eagle eye view shared by the whole company. As it is getting more and more crowded, filtering by tags would be very useful.
It would help filtering by project, platform (mobile, web…), etc.

Feature Request: Filtering via tags
More filters in the board view (users, custom fields ...) like in list view?

HI Jerome! Have you considered using custom fields? Custom fields allow for a lot of flexibility and easier search capabilities. :slight_smile:


Do boards allow to filter tasks by custom fields?


We’re still very early in our development of boards, so at this point we’re not able to filter boards by custom fields. Thanks for expressing interest!


Filtering by tag and task assignee would be a very welcomed productivity and decluttering improvement.


HI can I second that filtering boards by Tag / Custom Field / Assignee would be fantasticly useful


Absolutely. Giving the users the ability to filter a board by tags and assignee is so important. That’s the one area where Trello has you beat hands down in this area and so does Teamwork. Not being able to filter cards makes life difficult. I want to visually see and filter my cards out.


It would be super useful if we could filter a board or list by tags.

Example: While looking at our Bugs & Improvements board, our mobile developers could filter to only see tasks that are tagged iOS or Android.


You should do a custom search and save as a new reports. It cannot be seen as boards however at the moment (or so I think).


That’s not really a solution - to utilise the board view, it would make a huge difference to be able to very quickly filter by a specific tag. Generally, there is scope to make boards an tremendous amount more useful by allowing quick filters from the ‘view:’ dropdown.


This would be an incredible feature for my team.


+1 Ability to filer boards by fields (assignee, label, field, etc.) is a critical feature for us. Otherwise big boards are too unwieldy to use for larger teams/projects. Thanks!