Feature Request: Easier to understand email notifications


We are an agency and use Asana as a project management tool with external clients.

Several clients have reported that they have simply ignored the Asana notifications because they were confusing and clients simply did not understand how to use it.

Here are some suggested enhancements:

  1. Clients have reported that they don’t understand the sort order of the email notification comments from a task. They see a bunch of task comments in reverse order and don’t understand if everything is new, what is the latest one, and what to look for. Solution: Have the latest comment separated from the others with a larger font so it is clear that this is the latest comment that they should look at.

  2. Many clients don’t reply to the Asana emails. When I email them from a regular mail and ask why they haven’t responded, they say that they weren’t aware they could simply hit reply to reply to the Asana comment. Solution: Add a more visible “Reply to this emal” or something so cients clearly and easily understand that they can just hit reply.

  3. When a client replies to an Asana comment, all of the previous comments that were also in the Asana email that is below their reply is added to the Asana card. This creates a really long comment in Asana, making it really difficult to read comments in Asana. Solution: Add a “reply above this line” or something similar, like support systems such as Zendesk usually have, and only content above that line gets added to the Asana card.

These three enhancements (and perhaps more) would really make the workflow of using Asana together with external clients who uses their email clients to interact with Asana projects and tasks, much easier. Hence, it would make user adoption smoother and make more people actually use Asana, rather than being forced to go out of Asana and use “regular emails” to communicate because the Asana emails are too confusing for new users to use.

Thank you for considering.


This is the most important feature for me. Add a comment by mail is useful because it allows to quickly answer without open the site/application but if you have to delete all the mess before (if you don’t forget), it becomes useless.


I totally agree, this drives me nuts looking at the Asana email notifications, the near on incoherent and clumsy - it really degrades the intuitiveness of the product.

Couple this with the fact that push notifications are also clumsy, it makes it hard to deliver my projects on time after my offshore team has processed their tasks.