Feature Request: dropbox paper integration

We often work with dropbox papers closely related to Asana projects.

• It would be extremely helpful to have a proper dropbox paper integration! dream would be to have an own section in the header, next to the conversations and files.
• That section should be a fully funtioning editor of dropbox paper.
• ideally, with the option of connecting dropbox papers to asana projects also from dropbox.
• option to have multiple papers per project

If that’s too complicated:
• a very simple text editor section for every project would also work
• or: extend the size of the description field to display it’s full content (the current ‘see more…’ option is ridiculous, sorry)
• allow simultaneous display of project description, main pane and right pane
• or add access to the project description from within the header of the project, and not only by clicking on the project in the sidebar

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great idea. I need this too. So far I have been using google doc but the writing experience on paper is way better


I think would be a great feature. Right now I can only add files from the classic dropbox homepage.

It would be great if I could link a paper tasks to an Asana project.

If you make a task in Dropbox Paper and this conects directly with ASANA that there would be perfect and super productive.

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