Feature Request: Double click to create tasks in calendar view



Currently, anytime you click anywhere on the calendar, even just to wake up the screen, it creates a blank task that I then have to go in and delete, unless I want a lot of blank, finished tasks on my calendar. It seems a simple fix would be to make us double-click, purposefully, on a date in the calendar to create a task.


I have the same issue. Most of the time I manage and sort the Asana platform of my organization, but other colleagues make around 50 empty tasks/week unexpectedly just by clicking somewhere on calendar view (And obviously I am the one who needs to delete them). I would be happy if there was a workaround, or if it would automatically delete if the task is empty (like on the board view).


Same Issue, to create a task it takes ONLY a click, even when screen is on sleep. But to delete that task I need to click on the empty task, then inside the task pop-up, and Tab+ Backspace it. So many ghost tasks !!!


Judging by the 5 votes for the feature request and that this was brought up in Oct. 2017, I’m guessing this isn’t happening? This would be a very welcome update that would make interacting with the calendar view much more productive and less frustrating.