Feature request: Dependencies view



Hi all

So I’ve been using Asana to track tasks on a large project with many different tasks. Whilst this is very good for knowing what tasks I have to do and when, its doesn’t work for showing how tasks relate to each other through dependencies because of how the tasks are stretched out over time (some tasks only take a day, some take months).

My ideal tool would be an extra tab next to Timeline (called something like dependencies view maybe?) which makes all tasks the same size with equal length arrows to make the depenedencies more obvious (think something like the London Tube map which focusses on the connections rather than distances). I think this would be very helpful for managers of projects and others who want to understand how the parts of a project fit together better.



This would be really useful for me too!


So rather than something like this in calendar view which is difficult to follow


It would look like this