Feature Request: Date Format Option

Yep, everything is set to UK settings

Hmm that doe sound strange :thinking:

One last question, are you using a VPN? If you’re not, could you please send screenshots of your computer + browser setting to our support team so they can investigate further?

Thanks, I’ve sent a message to support with screenshots, hopefully we can get this resolved…thanks again for your help.

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One last thing @Francesca_Monaco, is this happening when you select a date by clicking on the date-picker, or when you manually enter a due date in the field?

When I use the date picker.

Ok, sounds like there is definitely something going on here. If you have a chance pleaser let us know what solution support came up with :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed! I’ll keep you posted :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is it possible that due date shows in numeric for example 1 Mar - 12 Arp --> 1.3.2018 - 12.4.2018

Is it possible to change due date to numbers for example 1 Mar - 12 Arp --> 1.3.2018 - 12.4.2018

Hi :wave:

So you want to change the way dates are displayed across the app right?

Yes exactly.

You should head over to Feature Request: Date Format Option then :wink:

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Thanks @Bastien_Siebman, I’ve merged this thread with Feature Request: Date Format Option :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

I beleive this problem is solved by changing your LAUNGAGE setting in your BROWSER. At least it appears to have fixed it for me. I’m on a Mac with Google Chrome. I went to SETTINGS, ADVANCED, LANGAUGE, and noticed that both ENGLISH (US) and ENGLISH were both selected. I removed ENGLISH (US) -which was listed first- and this has appeared to solve the issue for me.

Good luck!


Hi all,
Well I have tried it all including different browsers and I would expect that this would & should be a very simple solution to fix and improve the end users experience not add to frustration for us here in Australia
I have added my vote for this for change
Maybe (hopefully) something may be done soon

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I just changed all languages in Chrome and it worked! Thanks @Goldy1 :star:

Agree. We are in New Zealand and the first day of the week would be Monday for us.

Thanks!! This worked in Chrome but not in Safari on Mac any ideas on to fix?