Feature request: dashboards and reports that summarize custom fields



Here’s what would make my work life so much easier:

  1. Add “Estimated Hours” and “Actual Hours” custom fields to my project.
  2. Toggle my project’s dashboard to show progress by either tasks completed compared to open or estimated hours compared to actual.

At the risk of putting two feature requests in the same post, I also want to say that more reporting (in general) is crucial for me. Being able to summarize projects by custom fields would be immensely helpful. For example, sum estimated vs actual hours by project number (all three being custom fields). I don’t know if that fits into a dashboard feature or something separate; I just know I need it. Right now, I have to flip to Instagantt, use their export-to-csv, and then pivot table that data (after having to clean it a bit).

Please give dashboards and summary reports some love!

(p.s.: this forum and method of feedback/voting is awesome!)



Also wanted to ask you if you guys are planning to support custom fields in a way that any custom field I add to asana can be seen when I use your export-to-csv option. This would at least allow me to summarize custom field data in case this feature never makes it to asana. Thanks!


Hey Kyle, I know that this is just one fraction of the reporting aspect (which definitely needs some robust changes as evidenced by all the discussion about it), but on this particular item are you aware that Asana will automatically sum numbers in tasks’ titles and custom fields if you select them all?

So if you have a ‘Sum Estimated’ and ‘Actual Hours’ custom field, you can select all the tasks in the project (or search) by shift+click’ing and then in the custom fields area on the right it’ll have the [Total] number in the custom field for all of those.

It’s a very simple and very quick way to get that information - and if it’s one of the only things you need an export for atm, perhaps it could save some time!


Yep, saw that on the website - nice feature. Thanks for the tip. Hope to see great strides in the reporting space!



The feature in tasks list is nice!

However, as OP said, can I summarize custom fields in dashboards / summary reports, or even in Report in Google Sheets, so that I can actually look at those for multiple projects?

My use case is that I want to use Open Report in Google Sheets feature, to compare certain metrics between multiple projects (thus the feature in tasks list does not scale for me), e.g. summary of actual hours / estimated hours in project A, B, C, D, E…


Hi All, what is the status on this item? super keen to plot custom fields of tasks within project boards. Would be epic to plot multiple variables for sure.
Please let me know if anyone can help! :slight_smile:


Would really love to be able to report on custom fields, agreed! I’m using a custom field for estimated hours, and I want to be able to pull an estimated hours report by team member associated with task delivery dates so I can see if I’m overscheduling my staff. It seems like this should be pretty simple since the data is IN Asana, but I can’t figure out a way to pull it. Reports! Reports! Reports!


@Kyle_Ward, I just happened to read your initial posts here and encourage you to check out Asana2Go if you haven’t yet. It directly addresses your request to output custom fields in a CSV by just asking for all of them and they all appear. In the tool, see the format called “CSV - Detailed.” And your more general request is why I included the authoring aspect; you can generate quite a wide variety of output, and see the example format called “Example Only - Conditionals/Math/Vars/Counts/Etc. Helpers” to see how to reference a particular custom field and do counts, etc. This would require you to learn how to do make a custom format (plenty of documentation provided).

@malloreigh_hamilton, you might be able to create what you’re looking for, though it would require a custom format (see above).

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi


Thanks Larry, your input appreciated. I also found some luck using the Bridge24 app integration to do what I needed. There is a cost associated with it but it seems to provide all the functionality I’m looking for.