Feature Request: Customize "my tasks"


I’ve been using Asana for a while and I’ve gotten responses to this request from feedback that it’s NOT an item for consideration, but I want to bring it up again - have the ability to customize the “my tasks” list individually for each user.

I’d love to see:

  1. Being able to set an order default for me, all the time, not default for everyone
  2. Being able to hide all archived tasks that are incomplete
  3. Being able to customize a “my tasks” dashboard that’s not project specific
  4. Being able to use timeline for “my tasks” that’s not just project specific

  1. Order is actually yours, the button is misleading for “My Tasks”

2.3.4 you can create a report hosting all the tasks assigned to you I guess… Would that (at least partially) do the trick?

Asana consultant, author and developer


Hi Bastian,

I appreciate your ideas, but I’m specifically asking for updates to the system that allows each user to personalize how their “my tasks” list shows.

Everytime I click onto “my tasks,” I have to re-order them again and I can’t set that as the default way my tasks show all the time. And it’s silly to have to run a report vs. just being able to see it on that dashboard at a glance.

I was using Wrike for a while (previous company) and that had all of those features. It’s just the company for which I’m now working uses Asana so I’m trying to make the best of it.



I am not sure I understand when you say

What do you mean? The order you choose can be saved if you click on “Save for everyone” (which does not in the case of My tasks, I know this is super weird)


Yes, therein lies the problem: 1. I don’t want to save for everyone, each person should eb able to customize how their “my tasks” are listed, 2. I always have to re-click show by due date. Even the mobile app doesn’t keep it in that order, I have to re-selecr that option each time I open it.


I was not clear. In “My tasks” the button “Save for everyone” DOES NOT save for everyone, only you :stuck_out_tongue: