Feature Request: create a form with required fields for creative job requests



There needs to be a way to create a form with required fields for tasks for certain tasks, specifically graphic design requests. As a graphic designer, I need to know several key bits of data before I’m able to begin work on their project, such as size, color specs, where the item will be printed, bleed allowance, and where I can find the images, body copy, and event details. Before Asana we used a Google form to collect the information that we needed and it worked pretty well, because we were able to create REQUIRED fields for the most pertinent information. But now with Asana everything is completely blank slate and I’m getting requests for “logo” or “flyer” with nothing else on them at all. People don’t know what I need to know unless I provide them with those fields, which is why an input form that lives inside Asana would be optimal.

I understand that Asana has Google Form integration, and we’ve tested that as a solution, but it requires far too much manual input after receiving the request. The due date doesn’t transfer into Asana properly, there isn’t any way to add tags, and all requests would automatically be dumped into one project. Additionally, it requires a third-party widget which costs additional money. We’re a non-profit organization, and that’s just not a feasible option for us. Also we’re not receiving requests from outside organizations, so pointing my coworkers out of Asana seems counterproductive when we’re trying to encourage staff to use Asana for task management.

Thank you!

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Here is an example of the information that I need, which will hopefully help you understand why the ability to build forms with radio buttons, check boxes, and required fields is necessary.

Elements (What would you like the final product to be? If you don’t find your element here, please write in other.)
8.5" x 11" Flyer (full size)
5.5" x 8.5" Flyer (half size)
4.25" x 5.5" Flyer (quarter size)
11" x 17" Poster
Small Booklet (5.5" x 8.5" folded to 4.25" x 5.5")
Standard Booklet (8.5" x 11" folded to 5.5" x 8.5")
Large Booklet (11" x 17" folded to 8.5" x 11")
Bi-Fold Brochure (5.5" x 8.5" folded)
Tri-Fold Brochure (3.66" x 8.5" folded)
Post Card (to be mailed without an envelope - will have standard post office stuff on the back)
Post Card (to be mailed in envelope - back of card will be blank; please specify envelope size)
Greeting Card
Business Cards
Name Tag
Email Graphic (invitation, header, footer, etc.)
Email Signature Graphic
Digital Graphic
PowerPoint Presentation
Microsoft Word Template
Interactive PDF
Photo Editing

(For specialty items like banners, please add requested dimensions.)

Portrait (vertical)
Landscape (horizontal)

Color Options:
Full Color


Where will this project be printed?
Hospital Print Shop
Other: (please specify)


Hey Lynne. I hear ya, I PM a design team in part and the struggle is real! So since you’ve said you don’t want to use Zapier with Google Forms/Asana (mainly because of the taking it off-platform), may I suggest that they use template tasks?

For instance, there’s a ‘Design Requests’ project that everyone can go in and request xyz from. There’s a template task at the top that says ‘Copy This Task for NEW REQUESTS’ - it has in the body the elements that are needed (usually I ask for purpose/context/dimensions/design guidance) and then it also has custom fields for things like brand, sign off, etc. (unsure if you have premium so if not disregard).

And so the thing is - in the project instructions (description or an instructions task) it’s spelled out for them: you MUST copy this task and fill out each area or it will not be added to the design queue. And as a PM, it’s my responsibility to review it and place it into the design pipeline once I have everything.

I know that you can also write API/user bots that basically check for missing custom fields and will comment/follow up with people in the task like ‘hey, don’t forget to fill out xyz or the request won’t be processed!’

Anyway, I understand that the request is to have a forced way to make them do it, but in the meantime I would suggest that method. Even if they’re not big on asana or are confused, copying a task and filling it out is not a big issue to even my team. As long as it’s reinforced.

Hope that helps in the meantime =)


Thank you so much for your response, Caisha!

We have a Marketing & Communications Projects board now with a Graphic Design Requests “template” that we’ve been using, but having everyone copy/edit that task is clunky. Three input fields were created along the top with basic questions, but the details of the request - the important techy stuff that I can’t get started without - are all just listed out in the description of the task, and coworkers were instructed to delete the options that they didn’t want, leaving the ones that they did. So I’m getting all SORTS of random ridiculousness in those copied tasks (some delete everything and type in whatever, some put notes at the end of the lines they want, and some leave the entire list in as is and don’t touch a thing). I haven’t figured out yet how to edit this myself to see if I can’t work it into something usable.

I’ll have to look into the API/user bots for those custom fields. I didn’t know that was an option. Is there a link that you could send me with information about that?

It seems completely ridiculous that I can’t create a basic job request form with radio buttons and checkboxes in Asana, but I can have bats and narwhals farting rainbows flying all over my screen, haha!

Oh, and yes. We are a premium subscriber.

Thanks again, Caisha!