Feature request: @collaborators


sometimes when I put comment to some task I need to mention all collaborators. The reason is simple. When some of my colleague have full archiv of a new notifications, they just archive notification when they do not see their name mentioned. I would like to use it for important comment. When task has 4 collaborators or more it is a little bit annoying to mention all of them. Are you planing implementation of function something like @collaborators which will be indication for all collaborators that this comment is important to read it with attention?

Thank you


Thanks for this suggestion, Jan! This reminds me of the @here feature in Slack. We’ll make note of your feedback!

Alexis, thank you for your response. Slack, that´s the reason I suggested it, because we use slack in our team as well and I used @channel in Asana by mistake :smile:

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We’re moving into Asana from Trello (and a couple of other systems) and this feature would be extremely helpful. Has anything changed on this since May 2017? @Alexis, you responded previously.