Feature request: Check button on the Board



Asana has always been my go to for project management - It’s almost perfect! :smile:
I really believe in bettering myself and the surroundings I’m in! So of cause I have some feedback here.

For specific projects I work with the β€˜β€˜List’’ option. The list option is really quick and dirty - You can add a task/section quickly and you can check it off when done also quickly. BUT! I prefer the board - The only thing keeping me from using it more is, that the check off button is β€˜β€™ hidden β€˜β€™. You have to click the task and then click the check off.

Here is my quick suggetion: There are two buttons already: Accountable for the task and Time for when the task should be done - Simply add a button with the β€˜β€˜Check’’ right beside these two.

This would be AMAZING :slight_smile: And since I have a gazillion tasks on my board, it would save me a lot of time! :slight_smile: