Feature request - Board view



I would very much like to organise my own tasks in the board view. And by this i mean if i use the standard “backlog” “to do” “in progress” etc, that i see all my tasks on different projects in the same view as i have the project.

In other words, i would like to add columns to the overview of my own tasks, which automaticly show all my tasks which are in a column in a project with the name of the column in which they are in my overview.

Now i cannot see in one view to which task me or my team members are committed.


Hi @Thijmen_Bosman

This is a great idea (it’s got my vote). I wonder if, as a workaround, you could create a board project, then set up Tray.io so that every time a task is assigned to you, it also automatically gets assigned to that project. You could then use that as your My Tasks.

I haven’t actually used Tray.io myself, but it seems like the kind of thing that should be possible.


Thanks! I might try that in the future, we just started using it

The idea doesn’t seem to get any traction so far so i guess i cannot count on it being standard:)