Feature request - better work with sections


Hi there,
It seems that you treat section partially as tasks and partially as just plain text there is no significant way to create work relationships between sections or even filter date according to it.

Would be great if

  1. i would be able to filter the view according to sections
  2. i would be able to create dependencies between the tasks below it to other tasks and to other sections.
  3. Finally it would be amazing if in the dashboard we can see a graph (maybe pie chart) that will be presented according to sections and the uncompleted vs completed tasks, this will really provide good indications for which project parts are working according to plan and which are not


And to expand on #2, it’d be great if there was an option to inherit dates, tags, assignee, etc. from the section, to the tasks that are within the section.


The section feature seems completely useless in Asana. No way to move tasks into sections and/or keep them there. Have asana staff never done project management before or researched other/better tools like Wrike. Wrike has folders & subfolders. Everything is super organized and intuitive. The sections in asana DON’T WORK AT ALL!! :frowning: