Feature Request - Automatically delete accidentally created tasks


I often find myself creating tasks accidentally (e.g. I’m used to the enter key meaning “Save”, but in Asana it means “create new task”)

When this happens Asana will create a new task with an empty name and hold onto it. I’d prefer Asana to delete the task automatically if I don’t set anything on the task (empty name, no assignee, no due date, no tags) when I click outside the current task pane.

Anyone else having to delete a bunch of accidentally created empty tasks?


Good idea. When you create a blank Gmail message and then discard it, Gmail doesn’t save it.


Hi @Tobias_Muehl, thanks for the feedback! I agree with this as I often end up with a lot of empty tasks as well. I’ll note this for our product team!


It doesn’t seem like all users would want a feature to auto-deletes tasks that known app functionality created. This happens to me a lot also, but I Tab-Backspace and that deletes it. You could also create a saved search and bulk delete them from time to time as you notice them.


I think auto create is valuable in certain circumstances, like a project manager who is adding a lot of tasks at one time. That doesn’t apply to me. I would like the option to set a preference in my profile to turn auto create off.


I often hit enter and it creates a blank task. I would like to be able to more easily delete blank tasks. I think that deleting a blank task should ignore the “are you sure you want to permanently delete this task”.


+1… new to Asana and I think it is really cool - except for this stone-age issue where the system isn’t smart enough to discard an empty task. It’s difficult to fully adopt the platform with this time-suck issue on an application that should be all about working efficiently.


Hi. Any news on this? There are many threads regarding this issue.


Instead of auto delete, I think setting up the Enter key not to create a new task would be better.