Feature Request: Auto-Assign Tasks To Self or Team Members


Feature Request: Auto-Assign Tasks To Self or Team Members

A quick thank you is in order to the team behind Asana. You’ve made a great product which is extremely enjoyable to use. Here are a few suggestions to make it an even smoother experience for those seeking a bit of streamlining and automation.

There are many times where a user or team could benefit from automatically manage the assignment of tasks.

Requested Features

  • For a solo entrepreneur/freelancer, who has yet to add any team members to a Workspace, all tasks in all projects should automatically be assigned to self
  • For a project that has only one team member in it currently, once again, tasks can be assigned to that one member automatically, or at least until a second or more team member(s) joins the project
  • Project managers could assign tasks automatically to themselves, or to a team member if a specific team member handles most of the tasks in any given project


  • Tasks would never be orphaned outside of the Inbox or My Tasks sections, as they would always be assigned upon task creation
  • Tasks wouldn’t be forgotten to be assigned, as the (automatic) assignee would also know that they have that piece of work to do, meaning that there wouldn’t be confusion as to who should do a task that under the current system, could be forgotten about, or unclear as to whose responsibility it is to do the task

These options could be toggled on/off on a per Workspace or Project basis. A bit more granularity on the automatic assignment of tasks would be most welcome. Thank you for taking the time to review or vote upon the suggestions above.