Feature Request: Attach tasks to tasks



It would be really nice to be able to attach tasks to other tasks in a standardized, searchable way. This would be different than simply mentioning another task via the @ symbol (which is already possible) in that it would allow for the following things not currently possible:

  • Search by the existence of an attached task(s)
  • Search by a specific attached task(s)
  • Automatic, reciprocal attaching (or un-attaching) of tasks (i.e., if you attach task A to task B, task B is automatically attached to task A)

A practical example: We track both blog posts and email newsletters in Asana and would love to find a way to keep track of which articles we’ve included in a newsletter and which ones have yet to be featured. Currently, we add links to all of the posts we’re planning to include in a newsletter in the newsletter task’s description field via the @ functionality. However, when viewing the blog post task, there’s no way to tell that it was linked in the aforementioned newsletter; we’d have to manually add an @ link to the newsletter task.

All of that makes for a lot of manual work that is very hard to keep up to date (e.g., what if we decide to remove an blog post from a newsletter last minute?).



Would that solve your problem? :thinking:


Nope, task dependencies do not current do what I’m looking for.