Feature Request: Asana structure & Timeline


Dear Asana-Developers,

We had one major “issue” over the past 6 months when working with asana (its great overall!). If you exceed a certain number of projects/complexity and have very different areas of activity, things can get very messy in the teams/projects bar.

So we thought it would be great to be able to see and work with all the projects in our different areas of activity as nicely as you can when it comes to work with tasks in the list view in asana.

So our work around is, that we only have few teams and use “projects” as “category/area of activity”, which also means “tasks” become “projects” and “subtasks” become "tasks and so on.

This works great and even adds some other nice benefits (and only brings minor issues) so far, but it also means using timeline view in its current state makes almost no sense.

Therefor it would already help us a great deal if atleast there would be the option to show tasks and their subtasks isolated in the timeline view.

Thanks in advance,

P.s. Ive seen requests from other users here that ask for subtasks beeing shown in timeline, but implementing this is much more time consuming I suppose, which is why im suggesting this.