(Feature Request) All Task options available when entering a new task



It would be useful to have the additional task features such as tags and subtasks available upon entering a new task. Right now, upon entering a new task, we are limited to assigning a person or a project to the task and have to re-locate the task again to add additional information. It would save time instead of having to find the newly made task and enter the rest of the data. Thoughts?


Yes Please!
Also bring back the single Tab to go to “create” button. I die every time i have to press Tab 7 times


I think also increasing the speed of which the buttons register that someone has clicked something would help too.

The process feels mechanical or clunky. I can tell the development team focused on web first over mobile.

Also, what about typing the due date into the task name and auto-registering the typed date as the due date?

Mohamed Abdelfattah