Feature Request: Add sorting to projects to make it easier to locate projects



It would be wonderful if the projects listed under a team would have sorting functionality such as sorting the projects alphabetically. We have up to 20 projects for our team and it looks very messy with the projects sorted by date created. The date created has nothing to do with the project and seems very random.


You should be able to rearrange them yourself (click in the side panel and drag up/down) - manually, yeah, but at least it could help with the randomness so at leas there is some order to it =)


Yes I noticed this just after posting! I didn’t notice the very subtle line color change that happens when you click and drag a project so I thought it did nothing at first. Maybe they need to make it more obvious when you click and drag a project that something is actually happening? I still think a sort capability would be useful since clicking and dragging each project to sort is time consuming when it could possibly done with a click of a button.


I understand that! However, I personally feel like they won’t do that as there’s not really an elegant way to do it at the moment - UX wise.