Feature Request: Add Project as Task to another project



I would like to request a feature in Asana wherein you can add an Existing Project into another project as a Task.

One use I can see for this is that you can have a main centralised project wherein you can add different other projects into this project as a task, giving you the more general overview of all projects.

Projects’ tasks will appear as a Task’s subtask in the project you added it into, subtask as sub-subtasks, and so on.

But then again, if these suggestions are implemented, I don’t think there would be a need for this as it would already solve my concern.


Hi @JPBB- I do take this approach using existing features. Lets say I have 5 projects on the go:

  1. I create “milestone” tasks in each of those projects.
  2. Then, I create a separate project called “Project Milestones”.
  3. For the projects in step 1 that have milestone tasks assigned, I add those tasks to both the existing project and the additional “Milestone” project. That way, the Project Milestones project’s data can be reported on at the 10,000 ft level.


Hey @Mark_Nattress, thank you for your feedback! I actually do the same, but since Asana is still being continuously developed and improved, I think it would be a great idea for Asana Devs to let people add a project as a task to another project in the future, so as to prevent doubling entries. But thank you for letting me know :slight_smile: