Feature Request: Add indication of SubTasks or Description

For each task created, that has either subtask(s) or a description added, our team adds the notes (ST) or (Desc) to the end of the particular task. This indicates to the user that they should actually click on the task and see what is written in the description or be aware of the included subtasks. It’s a tremendous help, but we would prefer that Asana implement some sort of automatically appearing icons to get included in the task -instead of having to write this in. It would be very helpful :slight_smile:


Great point! This would help us as well.

Asana HAS this:

  • In project see arrow righthand of the task:

  • In subtasks see Chat bubble:

These indicators are for tasks having something behind it besides the title (in subtasks you even have comment count, to show where you had discussion).


Holy Cow!!! I had no idea… I’ve been aware of the chat bubbles, but absolutely never realized what the arrows were about before (A bit too understated for me I suppose). Thanks for pointing this out! Mind Blown.

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It would be great to have a more cohesive design that is visually easier to organize.
Here’s a an example:


^^ Note the indented subtasks.

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I find that without clear indication of sub-tasks, this potentially great feature is dangerous because sub tasks can go over looked.
So don’t forget the Scrum/Kanban view either.
The indicator has to be more prominent than the action icon, it has to draw attention to the fact there are sub tasks. So red color or so is a good idea.
Option 1 could be the first and quick implementation and when you guys have more time and resources Option 2 would be even better.

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I don’t think that the barely visible description arrow on right side of task entry is sufficient. I would rather see the description show up in all the empty space on the task line. not to mention make the arrow more prominent.

and in board view there doesn’t seem to be any indication of a description or comments.

I have taken to putting description as part of task name because the current layout is inadequate.


I’m ressurecting this old post for the same reasons as stated above. We often have some complex projects (grant proposals usually with sub and sometimes double sub tasks). The difference between a light gray and dark gray chat bubble doesn’t do it for us. It would be nice if they were possibly colored, or if as some suggested, we could click a button to expand a tree of indented subtasks when needed for a more cohesive view without going down a “folder” level each time.

It is surprising that these features need repeated requests; That the Asana team hasn’t thought to implement it themselves. Its not requiring a big rewrite of code.

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I agree that grey chat bubbles are too easy to miss. I’m looking particularly at the case where description text is added to a subtask, we’ve had repeated cases where my staff have said they didn’t understand what was required just from the subtask title. They didn’t recognise that there was a detailed how-to written in the sub-task description. We’ve started adding “–>” to the end of the sub-task tile when there is additional info in the sub-task description.

Ok. I didn’t notice that either. This must be much more visible and understandable! Also when you have a subtask selected these icons are displayed no matter what, so it’s impossible to tell if there is an other subtask hidden in this subtask…
And btw, in the boards layout you have no indicators for subtasks.

Well, just take a look at what Trello is doing because they do it right :slight_smile:


I see the > sign even when there is no description or subtasks but only a custom field. I’m going to use * at end of task name to indicate a description exists and + if there are subtasks/comments. I agree that we should have to remember to do this. It should be programmed in.

Hey Asana!!! I need this!!! We need this!!! Doesn’t sound like a big programmatic lift. HELP!!! =-) Please. =-)

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Correct, why they don’t have it on the mobile app as well confusing the hell out of me…

They have it, but why they don’t have it on the mobile app as well confusing the hell out of me…

Hi Everybody!

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve implemented this feature as part of Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View! .

Note the indicator for subtasks is available both in List and Board View :slight_smile:

Have all a great week!