Feature Request: Add event to team calendar without assigning to project


I love that you can add a single event to your personal calendar without assigning it to a project. However, there isn’t a way to do this on the team calendar. This would be so helpful for our company’s monthly and weekly events that don’t necessarily belong to a project.


Hi @Stephanie9 and welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Apologies for the delay in replying to you!

Let me start with a little bit of context. In order to appear in your Team calendar, the task you’re creating must belong to the Team and therefore to a Project; in fact your My Task calendar operated this way too! In the backend, your My Task is essentially a project containing all the tasks assigned to you; with a calendar just like in a project!

Implementing this feature would require a lot of work; we probably won’t be able to implement it anytime soon, but we will definitely keep it in mind :slight_smile: Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback with us; have a great day and a wonderful 2019 :slight_smile: