Feature Request: Ability to show only incomplete subtasks



We use Asana to manage our own backlog, and in that context, being able to quickly toggle between incomplete and completed tasks in a project view is awesome. But sometimes an individual task doesn’t warrant an entire project, and it might have a ton of subtasks. Right now, it requires some manual reordering to keep incomplete subtasks at the top of the list. It would be really useful to have that same kind of view toggle within an individual task to quickly hide or show completed subtasks.

Example: Currently, I have a task to create a new client site by merging a couple existing client sites. This isn’t a project unto itself–it’s just a task in my larger client project. But it has a tone of steps for me to complete. I’m about 2/3 through those tasks but I now have to click the “Load more subtasks” button every time I open the task to be able to see what remains. I can manually rearrange this but it would be so much faster and simpler to be able to toggle the view here just as I can within a project overall.


I agree, please add this feature. Thanks!


Yes, seriously guys!!! What is the problem?! Why subtasks must be different than tasks?

We are asking a simple filter!

Same problem as not being able to filter subtasks by priority (custom fields). Same thing as why subtasks don’t show what project they are related to when looking at “My Tasks”.

And Kate is waiting for you answer since October, it would be only respectful from your end to reply her request.

Thanks, and I hope Asana can keep up.


Agreed, this would be very helpful as large tasks get broken into many (50+) subtasks. Being able to filter them would be incredibly useful.


Yes, this would be VERY helpful for us. I often have tasks with 50-100 subtasks.


Big vote for this!


Yes! We really need this too! Manual reordering is a waste of time!


+1 for this too. We use subtask lists very frequently, and it’s extremely inconvenient and inefficient.

Our lists often require subtask list to be expanded - to show all the subtasks at one. So we either have to drag open subtasks to the top of the list, or we need to keep expanding the list view to see all the subtasks in the task. Being able to only show open subtasks would help tremendously.

Asana team, and plans to change this functionality any time soon?


+1 for a filter to view incomplete subtasks only.

Currently we are using the subtasks heavily and it would be helpful if we could see incomplete sub-tasks immediately instead of having to expand and scroll down to view.