Feature or other Limits on API by Pricing Tier


Are there any restrictions on using the API (feature, limits, ect…) based on your subscription level (free, premier, enterprise)?


Hi Brian. We’re aware of your question and will get back to you with a reply shortly!


Hi @briankb,

Currently, we have both premium features and premium rate limits as follows:

As a rule of thumb, features that are premium or enterprise in the application are also modeled to be premium or enterprise in the API. For example, only full members of Premium organizations can modify custom field settings from the API. You can see the whole matrix of permissions here for custom fields.

With the launch of our Enterprise tier, we will additionally have some API features that will be Enterprise only. For example, we’re preparing Service Accounts, which are accounts that can access all data in an organization regardless of access control for individual users, but can’t log in to the Asana product itself. This is to allow auditing and full organization backup for Enterprise customers.

It seems clear that there is some value in communicating access control rules for features for each tier in our documentation and in providing some API features to query permissions per user. Both of these are planned improvements, so hopefully this will be clearer moving forward!

As far as rate limits go, we’re evaluating what these should be and what we think we can support server-side right now, so they may change as we continue to figure out what works best for our users and for us internally. Right now, free users can make ~100 requests/minute, and Premium users can make ~1000 requests/minute. Note that this is per user: Personal Access Token usage is assigned to the quota for the owner of the token, and OAuth usage is bucketed to the user that authorized the OAuth app to act on their behalf.

Hopefully this clears some of this up! Please keep in mind this is all relatively new with the new tiers of Asana organizations’ accounts, so may change as we learn more about API usage across the tiers.