Feature: Make it even easier to turn tasks into subtasks

Often I find lose tasks to be rather subtasks of another task, sometimes I want to group tasks as subtask of the higher purpose.

Therefore, we want to propose to make it even easier to turn tasks into subtasks

Today we can only drag’n’drop an existing task onto the details pane of another task to turn it into a subtask. This does not work within boards. It also only works if tasks are within the same list.

Some ideas to improve this:
a) When looking at the details of a subtask, you can find the name of its main task right above the subtask’s title. It would be great if we could add the name of another task right above the task title to turn the task into a subtask (or just have in the “More Actions”-Dropdown an option “Convert this task into subtask” :wink: )
b) When adding a new subtask line in the details pane, it would be great to convert an existing task into this subtask by just writing out the task name of the task supposed-to-be-converted by using the “@” sign
c) It would be great if we could turn tasks into subtasks by only dragging and dropping a task onto another task in the task list (you could easily apply the same behaviour for list and board view)

Thanks for considering! It would help us a lot to declutter our Asana.

Hey Hendrik! Interesting suggestion - make sure you hit ‘vote’ at the top to vote for your own suggestion! =)

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(or just have in the “More Actions”-Dropdown an option “Convert this task into subtask” :wink: )

This would be a welcome addition to the dropdown for my team. I just used CSV to upload a VERY large project, created from a formerly completed Asana project that included subtasks and now I have to manually, one at a time, drag and drop tasks. I would take this request one step further so we can multi-select tasks and then click the dropdown > “Convert task to subtask” > select the parent task and be done.

Even better, make it so that the upload allows for the “parent task” field from the original export to be able to re-upload as sub-tasks rather than them all becoming a task on the main level of the project.


+1 this, a drop-down would be amazing as adding to a parent task and converting into normal task are the main features I can’t do on mobile (besides multiselect) that make me have to go to the desktop intermittently.