Feature for recurring Projects

Hope this is the right place to post this and that it gets back to the product development team. My organisation uses the Business subscription of Asana. I would love to see Asana introduce a feature for recurring Projects. I have a set of over 100 Projects that track my organisation’s annual management of our clients. So each year I have to manually create a new Project for all 100-odd clients from the template, manually change the dates on the 20 tasks saved to the template portfolio (tasks are date tagged so we dont mix up a previous year’s project with the current years).

A feature that allows you to set a project or collection of projects within a porfolio as “recurring” annually/quarterly/monthly would save me so much time and allow much more flexibility in the use of the Portfolio feature!

Has anyone found a way to do this inside the platform? Our accounting team wants to use the projects tracking for our annual audit and needs a way to easily recreate the same project each year with dates rolled forward one year.

Any help would be appreciated!


You could use a project template with tasks set with dates relative to the project start date, which you can specify as Jan 1 of the year each year to update the relative due dates of tasks.

Hope that helps,