Feature/change request: Repeating tasks should display in calendar



Hi - we like to use our calendar view to gauge the number of tasks on future dates. It would be useful for us if all instances of repeat tasks showed up on the calendar views - or if there were an option to enable this.


@Jonas_Heide_Smith Whilst they are called repeating tasks that don’t get created until you complete the previous tasks. So it is not like a repeating calendar invite which sends out x number of invities for the designated time.
When you select repeat task monthly, weekly or whatever it will only create a new tasks for that relevant time when you have completed the previous task.
So have a Calendar view would not be possible.

Hope that helps.

Have a look here for more info;


I’d like to echo this request. If this is not accomplished through a “repeating” task, can a feature request be created to “clone” a task and place the new one due ‘X’ number of days or months for ‘N’ number of instances?

Secondarily, a repeat option for the X day of every month is useful, but would also be nice to have a “second Monday” of every month option.

I’m trying to set up an editorial calendar that has several “blog post” or “webinar announcement” tasks planned for every month. And it’s onerous to copy, move, edit this out for every iteration.


I’d also like to echo this request. We’ve created a Team Meeting Calendar project to be transparent with our 50 person team about when open-door, recurring meetings are. As this feature stands, we have to check off each meeting for the next one to show up.


I’d be very happy to see repeating tasks both in the calendar and in the list. In this way you can both be prepared for upcoming meetings, but you can also more easily prepare for a next task.

I would for example use it for weekly social media posts. One on Monday, one on Wednesday, one on Friday. It takes quite some time to create individual tasks for all of these posts. If I could just create a task for every Monday and then already see a couple of ‘clones’ in my list for the coming weeks, I can start preparing for those future tasks already and I don’t have to recreate/replan these tasks every week.

Maybe, to keep a good overview, repeated/cloned tasks can be shown in the list/calendar up to 10 times in the future? As soon as one has been marked done, a new one could pop up again at the end.


This is now over a year old and has still not been addressed!

Can I say that I am truly stunned that such an interesting and valuable tool as Asana is being left for dead in this manner. Without the ability to table future project management cycles, how can this possibly be considered as a project management-centric tool? It just isn’t.

I say this with sadness and regret as I believe that Asana comes so very close to getting it right, but then falls down at such a simple hurdle. If I want to place daily repeating tasks into my team member’s calendars and have those team members then plan their time accordingly, how can I expect them to do that using the current system? They are simply unable to do so without the foreknowledge of what comes tomorrow. Or are we supposed to surprise them with their schedules each time they finish an iteration of a project task? Maybe I should email them all? Of course, whilst I email them all, I may as well just not use Asana at all! Why would I? Email everybody and then place the tasks in their calendars as well?! In fact, I don’t need to email them all…I can add the tasks to their calendars in Outlook.

What? Outlook as a more efficient project management tool than a project management tool?! Really, this is all a little bit silly now!

Your community is telling you what they need. Why are you not listening?