Favorites & Saved Searches Don't Appear by Default

As I can’t post in Defects, I will here.

I am on a new client’s Asana and by default I don’t have Saved Searches nor Favorites. This may be the ‘out of the box’ functionality, however, this creates problems as both have default items.

How is a user suppose to see these default items without them being present at the start? Or how is a user suppose to even know these are there without first favoriting something or saving a search?

Even when I do have tasks I created or task I have deleted, these two sections don’t appear. Nor tasks I have assigned to others or recently completed tasks.

Asana should reconsider these two being shown by default to the user.

saved searches


I hope this is just an A/B test. Hope they do not take it away or hopefully give it another place to have quick access to this. a workaround (not the best) is to use links in the home page notes widget.

Hi @Paul_Grobler

It isn’t going away but rather it doesn’t show without the user first taking action to save a search or favorite something. So it is still there, just no one can use the defaults without first adding a manual. Very odd.

Hi @Getz_Pro, thanks for reaching out.

It’s expected that the Favourites dropdown won’t show until a something is added as a favourite first.

However, the Saved Searches should still appear as there are default saved searches in there as can be seen from the screenshot below.

Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 15.13.35

Does your client not have access to these default saved searches?

None of my new clients have saved searches by default.

But Favorites also has defaults so why is this different between the two?