Favorite/Hide certain people as assignees/collaborators

We are working together with a external vendor in their asana and there are a lot of their employees that I will never assign a task to or add as a collaborator.

  1. Would save a lot of time, if one could designate certain people to the top of the dropdown or even assign them a special shortcut (i.e. TAB+1 is my first favorite person, …)
  2. Along the same avenue, I would like to hide some people/teams behind a “more people” option. In a larger organization I will just never pick people from certain teams.

I imagine, if a large corporation has 2 dozen people named John, search as you type is no longer the best solution.

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Hi Paul. Thanks for this feedback! The names that appear in the drop down are related to team and who has followed or has been tagged most frequently in that project or task. The people you don’t associate with the task or project will automatically drop from the list over time. That said, we can understand the desire for a hide or “more people” function and a favoriting option. Thanks!


Hi @Alexis!

I am not sure if the names and contacts of users in my Asana are available for everybody in our networks and also to our guests.

For me, it is not a good thing to have public access to some users. Is there any way to solve this? I manage many teams and organizations trough Asana and it doesn’t make sense for me to cross people that belong to different spaces.

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi @Daniel9, I’m not 100% clear on your question, but I’ll do my best to help. Feel free to add more clarifying information in a reply.

Organization member settings and limited access (“guest”) member settings are different. A limited access member should not be able to click on an organization member’s name and see their public tasks, for example. However, people who are both within the organization will be able to view each other’s public tasks. If you’re concerned about task privacy, I suggest creating a private project and multi-homing private tasks there for your own purposes. As for viewing people’s names in Asana, if you’d like to keep names private then you can encourage users to change their name to something unique and/or anonymous via their Asana Profile Settings.

Thank you Alexis!

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I think this is related, but I’m not sure. I have two separate and totally unrelated teams, each of which has its own project. When I go to assign a task in one project, the dropdown of potential assignees includes everyone on BOTH teams. I have to scroll through everyone just to find the right person. It would make a lot more sense if the dropdown only offered people who were actually assigned to the team/project in question as I’d never assign someone from team A to work on a project for team B – if I wanted to do that, I’d put the person on both teams.