Faulty login (500 Unknown error)


  1. Go to some product feedback issue as a non-logged in user, in my case
    Edit option for conversations and comments
  2. Where there is a Vote button when logged in, it will now say “Log in”. Press that button
  3. A modal overlay with a login form will pop up
  4. Input a username and password. Enter
  5. See a message “Unknown error”

Regarding step 4, I was not registered for the forum, only the main Asana platform when I encountered the bug. The network tab did not show any body in the HTTP 500 response from the server, only the status code. It also works to just input any invalid username+password combo: you will still get a 500 error. Of course, we should get either a specific error like “Unknown user/password” or “You need to allow this application …” blabla, like the regular login does.

Remember this bug is not present when clicking the main login button in the upper right corner, which leads to another login form that works correctly.


Thank you for notifying us, Carl!