Faster multi-entry (not forms or email)



I regularly have client calls and internal meetings and need to enter a pile of tasks all at once. There’s no fast way that I’ve seen yet. My best idea so far to create a spreadsheet with the fields I want and have a human enter it. That’s it. Can we do better?

Emails have no details it seems, just title/description and a special email per project. Years ago in other Saas tools like Toodledo, there was an exotic set of shortcodes available to assign fields in an email. FAST and I could set up google forms to encode all that for team members less inclined to memorize formatting.

WuFoo forms, AFAIK, don’t offer selection of project and details either (person, date, section/column, etc.).

Am I missing something? I frequently end up with a few notebook pages of meeting notes that take days (of procrastination) to enter because I resist the process; it involves a zillion clicks and micro-waiting periods for things to reload between fields. Can we beat my spreadsheet method or emailing a human to handle the shortcode-like processing? Please?



Why don’t you take notes in Asana directly? I am missing your point I think.


Not fast enough. I’ve tried and it kinda works but it’s not always
practical to tell clients to wait while I take notes and add missing
context for team members not on the call. If the notes are shorthand I
risk an incomplete entry in Asana; where taking notes outside asana makes
it easy to ensure they get fleshed out before they go in the system.


I don’t have any idea for you then other that manually typing inside Asana afterwards. I am working on the idea of building some kind of email proxy to allow much more powerful task emailing, but this is just an idea yet. Would that be useful for you?


This would be very helpful; especially if I could enter multiple tasks in
one project; that’s the normal use case