Fantastic Filtering!


How great would it be to have customize-able “smart lists” in the side panel above in addition to our projects? I could tag all my @Calls across projects and then build a smart list to filter out all my calls, or other important tags to me that I might need to reference weekly or daily with a simple click of the mouse. Or even offer a drag to list method (similar to tagging in gmail, except it would only add a tag, not remove any). I see an item that I need to discuss with my area manager and I drag it to my smart list/filter “@Area Manager”, a tag is added @Area Manager, the task still keeps it’s original tags and stays with it’s project, but I can see at a glance all the items I need to discuss during my daily call.


For things like that, I actually add the tasks to a project related to that daily call/weekly thing. Then when I’m done discussing it in the call, I remove it from the task (vs completing it).

I’m not quite sure I understand the difference between what you’re suggesting and a saved search on the sidebar for tasks using a certain tag.