Face to face Asana training



I am the Asana Champion in my company (originally Asana was introduced by a previous employee). Currently our company is only using Asana in my department (Marketing) however I would love to introduce it further throughout the company.

I would really love to spend hours and hours reading all the user guides and personal journies in the community & Asana guide files but I feel still like such a Newbie!

Does Asana provide any face to face training for their own product? I learn much better this way! I would love to really grasp all the functions and areas of Asana. Even to get together with other Asana Champions to discuss ideas and better ways to implement features?

I’m located on the Gold Coast in Australia.


Hey @Christine! Asana definitely offers customer success programs that aim to provide you with this kind of help. Unfortunately, I don’t really know what that means specifically, but I bet @Alexis knows. :wink:

Personally, I looked at individual features and aspects of Asana (either on Youtube or in the verious Asana ressources) and then I would try them out in sample projects. So basically every time there was a new thing I wanted to implement or whenever I just felt like I needed to know more about something, I would make a dummy task or project on which I would try multiple solutions and work arounds. Maybe this will help you as well, as it also makes you discover things that you were not originally trying to find out. :wink:

Unfortunately, we are based in Germany, so the Gold Coast is a bit of a trip away. :stuck_out_tongue:


But would make a great holiday :smiley:

Thank you for your response. I am trying to set up a training resource in Asana and I am struggling immensely on where/how to start.

One big thing that I briefly mentioned above is Asna was introduced to me by a previous employee and therefore we have been working the way that was introduced. And I am now going back and trying to learn the best way to do things and trial items like you have mentioned.

At the moment my biggest thing I don’t understand is Projects vs. Tasks.

The way our Asana is set up is

  • we have a team ‘Marketing’

  • within our team are different categories of marketing (e.g. Graphic Design, Online, Website etc.)

  • within the projects the tasks are the individual items that need to be completed

  • Within the tasks are the sub-tasks with the steps to complete the task.

Therefore a project never gets closed off, just our tasks.

How else do people use projects? are we using them wrong?


I will let you know, if I ever plan a trip there :wink:

About projects: We also have projects that never end, such as table of content, kanban boards, internal office management, etc.

In order to sort them apart, we developed a color code. Grey = Internal stuff, Blue = Help and Navigation (internal Asana FAQs, Asana Rules, Table of Content, etc.) and Yellow = Specific client requests (which actually get finished).

In order to sort our finished projects, I created a ‘request archive’ project. Since we use summary projects (e.g. table of content, check out this for summary projects: Using Asana “summary” projects to view your most important tasks), I can simply move the task for the corresponding project (including the link to the actual project) to the archive, before I use the Asana function ‘archive Project’.

This way we always have a documentation of finished tasks and the color code gives us a quick overview in the left navigation bar concerning whcih projects are temporary and which are permanent.

I hope this helped you a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love it! Thank you.

I am just at the start of my Asana documentation process and it seems so daunting at the moment.

My first step is a training module, but then I’d love to move onto FAQ’s & Rules. Such a huge process though!

I like your colour coding suggestion and will have to implement! I will also have to go and read more about the summary projects you have mentioned, I haven’t heard of this yet.

Do you know if there is a resource that provides a FAQ section that you can incorporate into your oganisation’s Asana? Or am I best to build this from scratch?


I think it is best to do this from scratch. Basically, I created a list project. I implemented different categories as sections and the question as the task. This way they can simply click the question and see the answer in the task description. If they don’t understand something, they can just add a comment. Additionally i added the tag FAQ to the different entries, so it is easily searchable.

Both FAQs and rules are growing and changing sections, which I keep updated all the time. I announce updates and changes I make to the Asana workflow in a conversation called ‘What’s New’ to which I added everyone in my organization. :slight_smile:


Fantastic ideas!! I love it!! I just need a few uninterrupted days so I can dedicate solely to setting up our Asana better!

My task ‘Asna Improvements’ feels like it gets long by the minute instead of shorter :hushed:

The more I read in the community the more that gets added!


With your ‘What’s new section’ how do you create a conversation? And how do you invite everyone in your organisation? Do you have a ‘Whole Company’ Team?


I know that feeling. I think I crossed the line of the list getting shorter a few weeks ago. :wink:

Yeah, we have a team for our entire office in Bremen (for which most updates are relevant). It hosts navigation and internal projects. Within this team I create the conversation in the conversation tab. And then you just have to add everyone as followers. You could also make a conversation for each team and decide before every update which of the teams this might be interesting to.


@Christine Hello and great thought. I am an Asana Champion and Moderator on this Community. I have thrown out the idea of virtual user group meetings over skype or the many video conferencing tools. What would your thoughts be on something like that. Thanks


I think it’s a fantastic idea! My issue is we don’t have skype functionality at work (group gasp!). However from home that’s more simpler and would be something I am interested in.

As I mentioned above, I have only got the basics at the moment and really haven’t dedicated enough time to learning Asana (I get very engrossed in the forum when I do visit that I lose time quickly :slight_smile:!)

I am excited to learn and implement so much more into our Asana and feel that we are only at the beginning of our journey. (And when I say Asana Champion in my original post, I mean at my company, by no ways by the standards of others I have read on here. I thought I had a good understanding, until I started reading in here and seeing how much more we can do! Now I feel very inferior!!)

Timezones will be the difficult thing to manage, but yes, I’d definitely be interested, Please keep me posted!


Hi @Christine

From your screenshots it looks like you have a premium account. Have you looked at Asana’s premium training webinars? They cover all kinds of topics, some of them live and interactive: https://asana.com/guide/resources/get-started/trainings/

Probably the best resource for me has been this community. If you want to know how to do something, either someone has already asked the question or someone will know the answer. As @Tom_Suberg mentioned, YouTube is also a great source of videos and tips.

Asana is flexible enough that there’s usually a way to get it to do what you want. It’s just a matter of mucking about with it until you figure out the best set-up for you.

Good luck! Keep checking back in here and I’m sure we can all support you when you need it.


HI @Christine ,

No worries, we all started with Asana and where overwhelmed with all the possibilities. But one reason for the great success of Asana is, that it can be learned quite fast and the built-in unicorns and cats guarantee some fun along the way :slight_smile:

If you need help with the process of implementing Asana in other departments and training colleagues, I want to recommend you my posting here, which is also recommended by Asana’s own Support team:

I know that in USA and Europe it is possible to meet the Customer Success manager also in person if you are premium user. But this is not something that you can demand, and usually since there are too many Asana customers, it is only virtual. But I can highly recommend connecting with a Asana Customer Success manager, so far I always learned something new in the exchanges.
But for most people the very good online material with the Asana guide is enough.

If you still feel you have the need for face 2 face trainings, I can recommend @paulminors. He is a New Zealand based Asana consultant and has consulted many different clients. Australia is not too far away for him.

Enjoy your learning :slight_smile:


@Christine huge +1 to Mark’s suggestion - reading through this I think you would definitely be well-served by going through all the trainings that Asana provides. They do webinars so its interactive (can talk to them/work on a project they provide together) and also self-paced options.

I would start with 101, 102, and of course 103.

I read through everything before I even started with those, and I still found it useful to kind of reinforce things =)

That will help get you started - but there’s also the Asana Onboarding template in Asana (its a default so just create a new project - > templates -> Asana Onboarding. Which is really probably too fundamental for you, but it is good to review I find.

I think after running through those, you will be in a better place and know more what questions/topics to focus on improving knowledge in. =)

Edit: Ooo, when I looked at the templates there’s also a ‘premium training’ one - I would look at that project, it has links to the various trainings for managers vs team leads, etc.!


Thanks for the referral @Sebastian_Paasch. @Christine I sent you a private message :grinning:


Hi @Christine! I know face-to-face training is important in a lot of industries and businesses. I founded Asana Training and train companies full-time in Asana. I’ve done several virtual trainings for teams in Australia, but no in-person trainings yet :grinning:

I also wanted to let you know about the Asana Training Masterclass in case you haven’t seen it yet. It sounds like you’re putting a ton of work into figuring out how to train your team, and I’ve created an online course for just that purpose. There’s over 8 hours of full HD video training that helps teams become experts in Asana. Team members can go at their own pace and go back to topics when needed. You can sign up for a free sample if you’re interested.


Great tips @Tom_Suberg, I"m learning a lot on this forum. I’m knew to Asana for about 2 months. I totally love it and telling everyone! You rock!


Hang in there Christine! Sometimes it takes just one champion to bring a new idea to a company. I used Asana for two years at my company before someone saw the value in it and we began a premium subscription for my department.

Don’t try to learn all of Asana in a short time; just continue to use it, and learn more as you go. There are lots of video tutorials that are very helpful, and the online help guide is very well laid out. Sign up for the Asana Blog, as they will post great ways to use Asana that you may not have thought of in the blog articles. As a Premium user, there is more training available to you.

Good luck and keep reaching out!