Extremely slow user interface


When the project has more than 500 tasks, dragging the task up and down becomes very difficult. Dragging can take a few seconds - it’s impossible to work. If the computer is very powerful, then the task drags faster, but still slow and inconvenient.
1000 tasks - this is not 100k tasks, everything should work very quickly.

Asana interface so slow

Hi @DmitryTyurev! Marie here from Asana. Thank you so much for your feedback! I believe these issues are very variable depending on your computer robustness as well as the quality of your internet connexion. That said, our Team, constantly work on improving performances (if you’re interested, I would recommend you checking out this post dedicated to performances from our Blog https://blog.asana.com/2017/08/asana-speed-performance-updates-2017-beyond/).

In the meantime, I would recommend you to break up your biggest projects in smaller “sub-project” to avoid loading issues or slow drag and drop! Sorting out projects by due dates (or other filters), might be causing this type of issue too, especially if your project contains a lot of tasks, so you might want to keep this in mind when creating your project.

My apologies that I can’t be of a greater assistance here, but rest ensured that performances remain one of our top priority!

Have a great day!


it would be nice if there was a page that showed the performance characteristics of ASANA. That way if it was “all green” we would know that it might be an issue on “our side of the house” versus Asana’s.

I have a great 300Mb internet connection at home. Everything looks great to me, but yet the Asana App is slow when I move between projects.


This is a constant problem. Even working in a small project (less than 150 tasks) the interface can be slow to load, screen doesn’t reload after deleting a task and must manually be refreshed, and dragging and moving a task on the calendar is glitchy. Is there a preferred Asana browser that might fix some of these issues? I know my internet connection isn’t slow so I would love to hear other workarounds for dealing with this.


Still an issue. I’m going to need to cancel.


The ASANA interface is so slow. I have great internet and have attempted Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Does anyone know if this is being worked on?


Hi @Aurora_Valenzuela and sorry to hear you’re running into trouble. Are you using a firewall or anti-virus? Also have you tested your WebSocket? (https://asana.com/guide/help/faq/connectivity#gl-websockets)


Everyone is having this issue. All I’m asking is if you guys have plans to fix?


I am also having this issue. Its terrible using Asana these days. I have 30MBps with 4 MBps upload and I cant load Asana. Facebook loads faster and I can even stream Netflix in 4k, but Asana is a special case


Thanks for following up @Aurora_Valenzuela and again my apologies for the inconvenience. Before we can fix an issue we need to identify it and understand what is triggering it, which is why I asked you specific questions in my previous reply. Could you kindly get back to me on these, so we can investigate this further? Many thanks!


Welcome to the Community Forum @Paul_Kevin and sorry to hear you’re running into trouble. In order to isolate the issue, could you please:

I look forward to your reply!



No firewall and no antivirus (windows defender from day one, nothing new added). Websocket result : WebSocket connection: Success (1690 ms)

Issue is Asana, something changed and I always get slow page loads


In this case I would recommend reaching our directly to our support team who will be able to take a look at your account in our system and see what bug/performance issues you’ve run in recently. To reach out to our support team, simply follow this path: asana.com/support > I’m having trouble with > Scroll down and click on “Let’s chat”.

My apologies I can’t be a greater help @Paul_Kevin but your issue deeper troubleshooting, our support team will be in a better position to help you!