'Exporting to Google Sheets'


Upon ‘Exporting to Google Sheets’ I am getting an Error Page- seems to be a server error. Does anyone know if this is an Asana issue?


I think I am encountering the same issue. When I try to upload my Dashboard to Google Sheets, I get this message: “Error: Google Sheets redirect failed, could not create sheet.” I don’t believe this is an issue with integration with my Google account, as I am able to upload docs from my Google drive to my projects and am getting email reminders about project deadlines. The one thing I can’t seem to be able to do is to get my data into Google Sheets which, of course, is the thing I want to do most.

I have tried all sorts of troubleshooting, tutorials, read through message boards, and even asked a techy friend for help; no luck. Since there is no way to speak to any support staff by phone or through chat, I sent an email last week but have yet to hear back.

As a last-ditch effort, I tried a different browser, but that didn’t fix the problem. Hoping someone here can help!