Exporting projects from Wrike to Asana


We were testing both Asana and Wrike and decided to choose Asana. We have the Business version. While testing Wrike, we built up a substantive project. Is there a way we can export that information and import it into Asana?


Wrike does allow you to export to CSV/Excel, but it probably won’t be in the exact format Asana wants. I suggest reading my article about Asana’s import and see if that helps you massage the data into the needed format.


I am quite certain that @Mahmudul_Hasan could create a CSV to CSV conversion tool for you at a very reasonable price. He has been working with me on a CSV tool with quite a bit of success.


I would like to learn what are the features of Asana that made you choose it over Wrike?


The design is more playful and user friendly but mostly because it’s a lot cheaper with our non-profit discount. I think Wrike is more powerful.