Exporting Project Lists to Excel

Currently when you export a project list bothSections and Tasks appear under the Name column. It would be good if they appeared in two different columns so you could clearly see what tasks are for what section and could filter accordingly.

Currently before I send out a Project List it requires quite a bit of formatting

A section is actually a task with a colon at the end, nothing else, that is the reason why. Use this to identify sections.

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@Jay_Goouge, you can get the Section column you’re asking for, and another Boolean column indicating if the task row represents a section or not, by using Asana2Go’s “CSV - Detailed” standard format.

The full set of columns it offers is:

"Completed?", "Date Completed", "Date Created", "Date Modified", "Task", "Start", "Due", "Assignee Name", "Image", "Marked For", "Section?", "In Project Section", "URL", "Liked?", "# Likes", "Tags", "# Subtasks", "Parent", "In Projects", ""

The ending columns will automatically be added for each Custom Field you have defined for the project.

If you’re looking for something different, this format can easily be customized with the Duplicate/Edit functionality.

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That’s great, thanks so much!