Exporting emojis correctly in Custom Fields



I created a dropdown custom field with 3 options - there is no text, just emojis - :+1::raising_hand_woman:‍♀:x:- to indicate someone accepted a task, has a question, or declined the task.

When I export to CSV that field comes up as gibberish, so I have to do a few extra steps to get it to show up right in Excel.

Is there a way to eliminate this extra step and have the emojis show up correctly from the get go?



Great idea :heart:


Thanks. :smiley:

Any idea for how to get those emojis exported? :pray:


Nope, this is probably something Asana needs to code…


Hi @KarenV and thanks for sharing this awesome idea!

Can you check if this is also happening when you open your project export in an other application like Numbers or Google Sheet for example?