Exporting by Date Range Request

I love using Asana! It has been very helpful to me, especially being able to use it on my phone and on my computer. I would love to be able to export by date range. We have to give an activity report to our director every two weeks, but he’s not particularly technology savvy, so he’s not logged into Asana and has no intentions to. So we have to export our tasks to .CSV, then reformat to put in a desired Excel layout. Each time I export, it includes all my tasks from back in 2012 when I started using Asana. The ability to export by date range and to choose what columns to include would be wonderful for us.

Are you using the Advanced Search For your CSV exports. Also are you using a PC or MAC.

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I didn’t know there was an advanced search. I have a free online account
that I use via PC.

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You will have a world of possibilities now. Just click on the search and you will see the Advanced Search. I also developed a CSV conversion to PDF Tool free to the community.

In addition if you are an Outlook user, your reluctant boss or your team might be interested in Outlook to Asana Add-in

I wanted to request help if it’s possible to export list of tasks/subtasks due on a particular date across multiple projects. Thanks so much !