Export to CSV limit - not all tasks are extracted



I need to export the backlog of a project in order to reconcile data with a business partner who cannot access my asana instance. This will include a pivot table summary that’s not available in Asana itself. However, I noticed the export only seems to return 90 line items. I actually have a total of about 120 and need them all. How can I extract all of them?


Look at bridge24.com as an alternative. Not the answer to your question but robust CSV solution.


Thanks James. That’s a bigger hurdle for me to get bridge24 integrated. Fully agree with you though - there is a gap that needs closing.


Hi @Frank_Roeser! That does seem strange! You can export up to 2000 tasks using the .csv export (https://asana.com/guide/help/projects/actions#gl-export). If there are more tasks than that (or subtasks that push the project over that limit) you may need to export the projects in chunks instead. This can be done by adding some of the tasks to a second project (https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/fields#gl-multi-home) and exporting that second project separately. The same can then be done with the other tasks and a third project, and you can then merge the spreadsheets.


Thanks @Marie for confirming the limit, and sharing the workaround. Kind regards