Export or Print Custom report with more information



We are needing a printout or an export of a project to file for compliance. In addition to the current export and printout of a report filtered by project, we need to see who completed the task, and any comments made under that task. With my current understanding of filters and reporting, I do not see how to get this additional data.


@Joshua Have you used advanced search for your reporting at all? Advanced search is a powerful tool for creating custom reports. I think this Guide article on reporting will be very helpful for you https://asana.com/guide/team/advanced/getting-insights

Advanced search will show you task comments and the person who completed a task (and more), but at this time a report export (to csv for example) will not include task comments.


Bridge24 for Asana is a great reporting engine. You can export your tasks to Excel, and there will be a distinct sheet for the comments. Since you’ll be in Excel, you’ll be able to play with your data the way you like.