Export Custom Fields to CSV

Can you export custom fields to CSV? I don’t have the premium version but wanted to know if this is possible before purchasing.


Hi @Armando_Lopez_1

In short, yes you can. I export custom fields for reporting. You would export through the Portfolio section and you can also export charts filled with custome fields in the Reporting section.

Hope this helps!

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Hello @Armando_Lopez_1, yes you can export your project(s) containing those custom fields (up to 30 custom fields by projects) to an CSV file. But there is no way (until today) to export just the custom fields in one CSV file.

Does that make sense?

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Can you do it at a project level?

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Does that mean a report per project? Does that mean I have to see other fields including the custom fields?

Yes you can utilize the reporting tool at the project level and export those charts as well.

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Do you happen to have a screenshot sample for example?

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The first one shows projects by status:

The second one shows projects by deal value. I cannot show you the Y or X axis, as that has private information, but the Y axis shows the deal value amount and the X axis lists the name of all of the projects:

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