[experiment] Share your current most difficult task name

Hi community,

I am running a little experiment, and I need your help. I need 10 of you to share the name of a task you are currently working on.

More info on this secret project after I got those 10 submissions :slight_smile:

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Sounds exciting. Very curious :smiley:

Now I have found a nice long task name that somebody in our team created (only amended the name and 2 other things due to confidentiality)

DE - CONFIDENTIAL - Regina - https://athenasolutionsptyltd.pipedrive.com/deal/00000 - offer her a TC - she replied I could imagine a blog article introducing the PRODUCT and two recipes. The recipes would be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. On Facebook, Instagram would still be a story with the device and the recipes possible and on Instagram a reel e.g. with the recipe possible. Taking into account the device value, this would cost xx euros plus VAT. There is no newsletter on my blog. - asked what topic she has in mind for the blog + to provide shipping details - RECEIVED - content done

It is often fun with titles I find, some are way too short and don’t cover the key info, and others are way too long and contain info that should rather be stored as the description

Thanks, I am working on it :slight_smile: