Experiences with time tracking within Asana (NOT VIA AN INTEGRATION)

Hi Everyone!

We (25 people) are heavy Asana users and track time on tasks and projects via the TimeCamp integration.
We are thinking about stopping TimeCamp and writing time within Asana by creating a custom field for ‘spent time’.

The timecamp and other time tracking applications seem to have issues and, they all are not perfect. Furthermore, we might want to simplify things.

I am figuring out if this is a good idea or not. I have created the list of pro’s and con’s below, but am curious about the experience and ideas of others!


  1. No integration needed, everything logged in Asana
  2. Less costs by stopping our current time tracking application
  3. Create time reports within Asana
  4. Having estimated and spent time within one task which you can use for analysis


  1. No time tracking that you can start or stop, so less accurate time writing
  2. Asana is not built for time tracking, so chances are we run into limitations. E.g. holiday-, sick registration etc. is possible by creating a task but might be less advanced.

PS I am not looking for a TimeCamp alternative
I know there are many Timecamp alternatives that integrate with Asana. Also, I have read all posts with the tag time-tracking here: https://forum.asana.com/search?expanded=true&q=tags%3Atime-tracking.

Your list seems about right! The report you list as a pro makes we wonder: Asana is not great with reporting yet, what are expecting to do?

Good questions @Bastien_Siebman! I guess we will make reports with:

  1. Hours of holiday this year so that everybody can see their own used and left holiday hours.
  2. Tasks on client projects without time written on it (as a data check).

I think all other reports like time report per client and project will be displayed in a Google Data Studio dashboard that we build via the API. We planned to share this with our clients. Also, this can include the comparison of spent time vs estimated hours. See how our dashboard is looking right now below, we can easily add this.

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