Expand email preference options


As our agency expands the use of Asana, I’m getting more and more notification emails that aren’t relevant to me, and it’s getting a bit annoying.

While using JIRA at a previous job, I was suffering the same problem, but I was able to change my email notification settings so that I only got an email when (a) activity occurred on a task that I created or (b) I was @ mentioned in the comments.

Similar preferences in Asana would help me keep my sanity :slight_smile:


Hi @Benjamin_Zitney. I totally understand. Have you experimented with changing your notification settings in individual projects and in your profile settings overall? Hopefully this will help with your sanity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d like to second this request. Essentially, it’s either all or nothing with regards to email notifications, since Task Reminders and Weekly Dashboard are summaries, not active notifications. Getting even a little more granular would be really useful for our team.


Like @Colin_Hall, I second (well, third) this request. I would love the ability to manipulate the date ranges of task reminders. Moreover, change the color associated with upcoming deadlines.

For example, the day before a project/task is due, the color associated with “tomorrow” is green. Green? Goodness, no. It should be flashing yellow with fireworks shooting out of it. Okay, maybe not (but if that was an option, I would die laughing), but you get the point. :slight_smile: I would rather it be green/gray days out, then slowly move along an appropriate color scheme to dark orange (or something like that); then ultimately (hoping not with my projects, ha), to red.