Executive Overview -- able to see everything



I have a number of teams, projects and tasks for my company. I want to give an executive access to view everything though he’s not technically “part” of any of the teams. Is there some way to give “access to all” or do I need to add him to each of the teams?


Hi @Andy_Wollen. If your executive is part of your organization, they should be able to view all public projects, even if they’re not a member of a specific team. You may already be considering this, but for a high level overview I recommend Asana’s reporting tools: Dashboards and Advanced Search. :slight_smile: Please let us know if you have other questions.


@Andy_Wollen to elaborate on Alexis’ answer: yes, you’d need to add him to all teams if you want him to see everything (including projects that are not public). And so far as I know - no one (including administrators) can see tasks that are “private to you”.

@Alexis please correct me if I’m wrong.


Add him to everything (what I do, it only works because team convos aren’t used ie no spam) or make the teams public to the org I think would be the only way to ensure it.


If all Teams are Public but projects are Private to Members does that mean that all organization members and guests can see every task or when marked Private to Members on a Project must they be a member of the team not just Public? If a Team is Public to an organization can any organization member join a team at will. Has anyone tested this especially for outside guests. I would hate to have an HR Team Public to All with a task to fire somebody :).


:slight_smile: Team member functionality here: https://asana.com/guide/help/organizations/members

Ideally your team has conventions to ensure that no one mistakenly takes a step that they shouldn’t, especially with something as sensitive as your HR example.


I tend to err on the side of safety designating a single Team member to approve new membership and making projects private to the members. Of course the exceptions are entity wide Teams and Projects. Just a little cautious of that one time accident. I know there are books written on everybody in the whole company knowing everything. I would rather start conservatively and open up then start completely open and restrict when something occurs. Is it correct that the administrator of the Asana account can do an advanced search on everything or not. @Alexis, what can an administrator do in Advanced Search? If they can effectively search everything (which I don’t know), maybe that’s the place to put a CEO type.


Yes, admins can do broad advanced searches. There are lots of possibilities! This Guide article (linked in a post above) spells out key options https://asana.com/guide/team/advanced/getting-insights


In my humble opinion the best solution is to add as an additional Administrator. If the CEO is not heavily involved in Asana, set up all the required Advanced Searches, save as Favorites and become the teachers pet. He/She will never know the extra powers from the dark side that are available. Not saying all CEO’s are Darth Vader, but then again…