Exclude Tags from Report

Is there a way to exclude certain tasks from showing up in a report by excluding tags?
For example, we would like to run a report on all tasks that do not have a due date, however, we would like to exclude certain tasks that have a specific tag from that report.

Is that possible? Thank you!

In advanced search (click in Search field, and selected Advanced Search), you can add click Add Filter > Add Custom Field > Tags > Does not have these tags.

As for also being unassigned, the only way I saw to do that was to select Incomplete tasks and also any portfolio or project you want to work within. After running the results, sort by Assignee. Unassigned will be a group at the bottom. If there’s a more specific way to do it, I’m not seeing it right now. Hope this helps!

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Hello Heather,

Thank you for the information, that definitely helps! Do you happen to know if there is a way to add the “Does not have these tags” as a filter in the reporting section? So then we can pull a report that excludes those tags?

Thank you so much!

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