Exciting new announcement "Niozu" offline desktop app!

Hello dears,

Today we announce the launch of our ambitious project for asana. A fully offline capable desktop app for Asana!
Designed with user experience first approach, asana users can track, complete and search for their tasks even when internet is unavailable.
Below are the advanced features Niozu offers for Asana users.

. Full offline capacity
. Multiple Tabs for projects and tasks
. Dark Mode
. Advanced Quick Entry
. Unique Layout designed to be easier interface
. Time tracking in-built
. Focus mode

For more information please visit - https://niozu.software


Looks nice! I considered developing this exact tool but ultimately did not pursue it, so I’m glad to see it here.

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Thank you so much. Your appreciation means a lot to us! we are eagerly working hard to get it to the users’s hands.

Any update on if Niozu is up and running? Website says available March 2023 which is coming to an end soon…

Hello James,

Thank you so much for your enquiry on Niozu. We were originally stated to launch on Dec 2022, as luck struck us we were introduced to new technologies which would help Niozu and the users in long run. We are making Niozu better with innovative persistence, low memory usage, awesome front end and we are currently in the testing phase. We will update on the availability to asana users, very soon.

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Thank you for the reply! Just a question about the feature, will it allow users to use the ‘Form’ section offline? I ask because where I work we do daily checks on plant equipment and for security reasons we have to keep devices on Air plane Mode. Currently I have to open the form and unplug my pc from the dock, go through the form, return to my desk and then plug it back in to sync…

Forms were in our development roadmap, but asana api does not support forms. even though we can develop a separate form solution it requires asana users’ data be moved out to 3rd party servers. we recommend asana users’ data be persisted between user machine and asana servers only.

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April and its still not released, Asana is pretty far behind other tools in being web-based only.

Hello David,

Sorry for the late reply. We thank you for your enquiry on Niozu app. We were originally slated to launch on Dec2022, before that we have decided to change the technology Niozu was built earlier. Since the entire tech stack is changed all the internal architecture were designed and developed from scratch again. this has delayed the launch of Niozu, we assure the change in technology stack is far better than it was originally designed. We will share the availability as soon as its available.

Thank you

Do you have an ETA for a new launch date?

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Hello Guillermo,

Sorry for the late reply. The launch is going to be very soon by July. We will update you on the launch details asap when we have finalised them and ready to be shipped. Thank you very much for enquiring Niozu app.

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@niozu Don’t worry, we better have a good product at launch (even if late … fact that everybody will forget very soon) than having an issue (that will blow the launch and potentially cause the end of the project)

Thanks by the way

We sincerely apologize for the delay in the launch of Niozu app. We were working really hard to get to the users hands, but every step towards a feature automatically paved way for another really useful feature and kept adding up. We believe the new features and the efforts put into the work will be very useful and the delay is very much worth it.

Hi @niozu,

I see your website is not available; did this product ever get released or no? It looks like not…