Exciting new announcement "Niozu" offline desktop app!

Hello dears,

Today we announce the launch of our ambitious project for asana. A fully offline capable desktop app for Asana!
Designed with user experience first approach, asana users can track, complete and search for their tasks even when internet is unavailable.
Below are the advanced features Niozu offers for Asana users.

. Full offline capacity
. Multiple Tabs for projects and tasks
. Dark Mode
. Advanced Quick Entry
. Unique Layout designed to be easier interface
. Time tracking in-built
. Focus mode

For more information please visit - https://niozu.software


Looks nice! I considered developing this exact tool but ultimately did not pursue it, so I’m glad to see it here.

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Thank you so much. Your appreciation means a lot to us! we are eagerly working hard to get it to the users’s hands.