Excel Form Approval on the Excel itself

Hi all,
We have an excel form called “Quotation Form” that should be approved by 3 different managers (for the items in the form to get released from the Warehouse).
The reason it is an Excel template (and Not Google or Asana Form) is that the form could contain dozens of lines/entries for dozens of items.
We suggested that people Should use Asana and Attach such Quotation Forms in the Description of the tasks…
Managers could write in the chat box inside that task “Approved”.
The problem with that is that people would like to see that the Managers have approved the Quotation form itself, Not the Task in which the quotation form is attached.

In other words, they would like to have One Single document (which is the excel quotation form) that contains the items of the quotation As well as the approval of the 3 managers (all on the same document so that it could be stored somewhere as proof).
Any suggestions?

Hi @OmarZid,
This is a very late reply but I’d like to share some quick thoughts:

  • Asana is not good at managing tables in task description
  • Usually we need to rely on Excel or Google Sheets (or similar services such as OneDrive) to manage tables
  • Excel can be attached to the task or in a comment, but it can’t be updated in place
  • For real-time updates, Google Sheets is more useful. You can add the link to task description or “attach” the sheet to the task using the built-in integration
  • When you want “one single document” from an Asana task, it might help to print the task to PDF (However again Asana is not very good at managing tables itself)

I don’t think the above points directly support you, but I hope you can get some idea from them.

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